A game between virtual reality and augmented reality

VRsus guARdian is a cat-and-mouse chase where one player plays using an AR-enabled device and another player utilizes a VR system. The goal of the AR Player is to track down the other player and shoot them down, while the goal of the VR Player is to snatch relics placed around the world and escape before getting defeated.

Here's a trailer for the game:

Check out the build!

People who worked on the game:

Tanat Boozayaangool

Lead Programmer, Producer

Jo Lu

Art Producer, VFX

Lilian Li

Art Director, Concept Artist

Emily Silcox

3D Artist

Luke Boyce

3D Artist

Andrew Smith

3D Artist

Stephanie Strzelecki

3D Artist

Cameron Burnside

3D Artist

John David Satriale

3D Artist

Chloe Hayes

Concept & Animation

Barrington Campbell

Tech Art, VFX

Sean Coffey


Ethan Nichols

Tools Programmer

Rowan Waring


Faculty Advisors: Ian Schreiber, Jesse O'Brien, Philip Szrama